Because my dad works full time, my mom does most of the cooking from day to day in our family. However, when he has the time to do it, my dad really likes to cook. I don't always agree with his methods (or his erm, unusual substitutions), but one thing that he makes that I do like is spaghetti alla carbonara. The whole idea that one could eat spaghetti with anything other than tomato sauce and meatballs always seemed pretty revolutionary to me. On the other hand, it's hardly surprising that bacon makes for good pasta, since bacon makes (almost) everything better.
    According to Wikipedia, it is uncertain where this pasta dish got its name, although one popular theory is that it originated as a cheap meal for Italian charcoal workers. All I can say is, maybe I wouldn't mind being a charcoal worker if I got to eat this more often.

*serves 1

2 oz dry spaghetti
water to cook spaghetti
1 strip bacon, cut into one inch pieces
1 egg
1 tsp skim milk
2 tbsp grated parmesan cheese
ground pepper to taste
fresh basil leaves, shredded to garnish

In a large pot, bring water to a boil. Add spaghetti and cook for about 10 minutes, until pasta is tender. Meanwhile, in a heavy skillet, cook  the bacon pieces over medium heat. Drain off most of the bacon grease. In a small bowl, beat together the egg and milk. Drain the cooked pasta, and immediately add it to the skillet with the bacon, turning off the heat. Add the egg mixture and the parmesan cheese and stir vigorously to cook the egg in the hot pasta and with the risidual heat from the skillet. Serve immediately with ground pepper and shredded fresh basil.