Throwing a party means serving food, and the type of food you serve is important. It needs to be easy to make, so that you can concentrate on having a good time. It needs to be easy to eat without making a mess (I'll never forget the disasterous fondue party I threw when I was eight, which turned into a food fight and, consequently, chocolate stains all over Mom's dining room). It should also be tasty. When it comes to party food, many people like to play it safe with cheese and crackers, chips and salsa, carrot sticks and dip. These are all fine, but if you want to try something a little different, these bite-size stuffed grape tomatoes are where it's at. They're easy to make, could be eaten skewered on a toothpick or atop a cracker, and taste amazing.

*serves 10

10 grape tomatoes, hollowed with a  small knife
3 tbsp storebought breadcrumbs
3 tbsp storebought pesto sauce

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Spoon breadcrumbs into the hollowed tomatoes, then spin them to distribute bread crumbs evenly. Pour out the extra breadcrumbs that don't stick to the inside of the tomato. Put half a teaspoon of pesto sauce into each tomato. Bake tomatoes in a pie tin at 375 degrees F for about 10 minutes, until the tomatoes have softened and the sauce is hot.