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Mint Orange Iced Tea

Posted by Emma Barker on Friday, March 26, 2010, In : Random 

    I'm back at my parents' house for spring break, which is both relaxing and awkward. It's easy to behave like a child when I'm with my parents, because it's what they're used to and, deep down, what they expect. Trying to assert my independence to them sometimes feels like trying to convince a contractor that a trained chimp can operate a forklift. Sure, he can do it...just not very well.
    Helping with the cooking is one of the ways I try to show my parents I can take care of myself...

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Santa Toast, Holiday Traditions

Posted by Emma Barker on Thursday, December 24, 2009, In : Random 

    It was not by a miracle that this vaguely Santa-like image appeared on my toast. Every year, my family designs and manufactures our own Christmas card to send out to our friends and relatives, and this year we decided to do a fake tabloid front page with sensational headlines about each of us. My headline was "Santa Toast Miracle!", which pretty much explains itself. Every once in awhile the virgin Mary or Jesus makes an appearance in someone's toast, grilled cheese sandwich, or pancakes ...

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